Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Military Themed Pack Meeting

With the business of the holidays, I neglected to post the details of our Pack's military Pack Meeting. Which is truly sad because it was so fun!  The Character Connection we focused of was citizenship.

My favorite parts of the evening was the skit and the activity.  The Webelos had us laughing with their over the top disregard of being a good citizen by blatantly littering.  When the were approached by a police officer (one of the boy's dads in his full police uniform), they mouthed off to him to the point where one of the boys was handcuffed and drug off the stage.  I think it's interesting that picking up trash and not littering are the most common example of being good citizens for that age group.  We tried to expand their worlds by including abiding by the rest of the laws and voting.

Our Cubmaster and her husband set up a super fun obstacle course that included putting on military fatigues, rolling on the ground, swing across a "river" and crawling through tunnels.  They also had to answer several civic minded questions along the way; like when is Election Day.  

The meeting accomplished teaching a principle in a fun manner so the boys and their families would pay attention.  I don't expect the boys to remember the answers to all the questions, but I do expect them to remember they had fun and the knowledge to seep into their brains and eventually strengthen them to men of character.

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