Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clicking Your Tongue

Last week, two of my kiddos were having a very interesting debate.  You know the sound from clicking your tongue?  They were debating how to spell that sound.  Was one of them trying to incorporate  that "word" into a story they were writing?  I have know idea how the conversation started.  One of the kiddos figures the "word" would end with and "a" sound, while the other kiddo is sure it ends in a "ck".  

What kind of crazy discussions do your children have?  Or is it just mine?


Natalie said...


Oh, the conversations we've had, if only I'd written more of them down!

Zach really struggled with why the kids on Barney & Friends couldn't figure out that it was just a person in a costume. ;)

Raejean said...

Mine always wondered how Joe from Blue's Clues was accepted into college since he was so slow at figuring out Blue's answer.

Raejean said...

My kids corrected me; it was Steve from Blue's Clues, not Joe! Time is wearing away on the memory.

Raejean said...
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