Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Dance

Ive noticed a disturbing trend the last couple of years, between January and June I've gained 10+ pounds before I level off and dip back down a bit for the new year.  I'm trying to end this trend by moving more and eating less (especially sweets).  Since I exercise consistently (and have for years),  one strategy is to increase my daily step goal.

Monday I was closing in on my goal, but running out of time and energy.  When one of my kiddos asked to play Wii, I gave a conditional yes.  The condition was that we play Just Dane 2.  Not only did I get to my goal, I got the blood pumping (which helps on these chilly nights) and I had fun doing it!  The kids even got moving with me.  You could be like one of my children (who shall remain nameless, but is the oldest at home) and just move your hand instead of really dancing, but that's not as fun or fit and doesn't help you to win.

Last night I was even farther from my goal, but not for long once we started dancing with the Wii again.  I do have a word of warning about playing Just Dance while you are cooking dinner, you might get a little distracted and forget an ingredient for your recipe and have to improvise some kind of funky fix at the dinner table.  I haven't personally experienced this, I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility.


Raimi said...

One of the boys got Just Dance 2 for Christmas. It is a GREAT workout! It is a fun family activity!

Raejean said...

My older kids decided it's part of their training program to get in shape for Trek.


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