Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wanna Be

I admit it, I'm a wanna be.  I have a list as long as my leg of all the things I want to learn and master.  Even though I'm short , that's still a long list.

I wanna be a better writer.
I wanna be a photographer.
I wanna be a better mom.
I wanna learn to play the piano.
I wanna be well read.
I wanna motivate my Cub Scouts.
I wanna loose weight and be healthier.
I wanna learn how to use my new Silhouette.
I wanna learn Photo shop.
I wanna improve my blog.
I wanna find my long lost ancestors with Ninja family history skills.
I wanna grow a garden.  (I'm not sure I'll ever get that one down.)
I wanna have my food storage.
I wanna be a good cook.
I wanna decorate my home and create a peaceful atmosphere.
I wanna throw parties (not just my kid's birthday parties).
I wanna understand more about nutrition.
I wanna catch up on my scrapbooks with beautiful layouts.
I wanna spend time with my family and friends and not feel rushed.
I wanna appreciate the beauty around me.
I wanna have my own business.
I wanna help others.
I wanna strengthen my testimony.
I wanna finish my Wood Badge tickets.
I wanna celebrate life.
I wanna feel connected to those around me in a meaningful way.

Is that much to ask?  I guess it is, especially all at once.  Since I'm not taking a class this semester, I'm trying to decide where to focus my time and energy.  I think all of the things on my list have merit, it's deciding which is the best use of my time that has me a little dizzy.

Several bloggers have chosen a word to focus on for the New Year.  Last year I chose progress.  It's one of my constant words, but I had to go back and see what word I chose last January.  Several of the items listed above are goals I'll be working on this year and some will have to wait. This year my word is direction.  I need to choose the best direction to focus on and choose a plan to get there. 


Natalie said...

Good choice for a word!

I know a little how you feel, I have a million things I'd love to do, but most of the time I have a hard time getting the ball rolling. Is there a class I can take or a book to read that will show me how? ;)

Raejean said...

I've narrowed my list down to a dozen - that's a start I guess!

Our Little Family said...
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Our Little Family said...

I think I wanna be you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your word and list idea. Its quite easy to see from your list that you're a single mom too. So you might consider adding finding that special someone that despite any faults just adores you and wants to be with you forever. I just did and what a TRULY AMAZING CHANGE it was in my life. Although I have to be honest and embarrassed, he was there all along but me getting over all of my hangups from the past has made my life more than I ever thought it could be. Cant wait to read more of your posts and hope to have my own blog up soon.
Thanks, Trina


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