Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boy Scout Venturing Training

I recently completed the Leader Specific Training for the Boy Scout Venturing program.  I've been working with the Cub Scouts for over a year and a half, and have a firm grasp on how a Wolf and Bear den should be run.  I'm slowly understanding the Webelos den. 

I completed Venturing training as one of my goals for my Wood Badge tickets. We had to choose a diversity goal, where we learn about a Scouting program other than the one we currently work.  I chose one because I was asked to, not because I thought it was a great idea; until I finished the training.  I'm so glad to see the end of the journey that I'm starting these boys on!  Not only can I tell my boys Cub Scouts is amazing, but I can tell them that is the start of a fantastic journey that can give them so much.  

As a mom, I learned skills that can make me a better parent with my son and daughters.  I understand how the program is supposed to run, and all that it can give a youth when it's run correctly.  

I do feel a little bad for my son's future Scout leaders because I will be holding them to a high standard of expectations.  I've also decided that I will always be on the committee, even if I only take on a small support role, I will know what is going on in my son's Scout pack, troop or crew.  I further decided that as a member of said committee, I will become basic trained at each level to understand how the program is designed.  This is to be a benefit to my son's progression into a man of honor.

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