Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Home Evening: Serving Others

Our lesson was very simple.  It was from the Faith in God book, under Serving Others.  "Make a list of the qualities you in a person.  Choose one quality to develop in yourself.  Discuss how showing respect and kindness strengthens you, your family, and others."  I'm working on kindness.  I have plenty of room for improvement on that one.

Following up with last week's lesson,we still didn't play a traditional basketball game.  It was way too hot,so we altered the plan and played inside with a Nerf ball and a small hoop. 

For our activity, we tried a new dice game called Farkle.  We didn't have too much time to really get into it, but it seemed pretty fun.  We'll definitely have to try it again.  

Our treat was Root Beer Floats, (except for me, I just had ice cream).


Vickie said...

I'm with you... I like rootbeer floats without the rootbeer best!

Raejean said...

I knew there's a reason I like you!


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