Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buffet of Womanhood Myths


Be Superwoman - Do it ALL             Women Cannot be Scriptorians

Be SOMEONE - Work in a Career       

To be Beautiful you must be - skinny, pretty, fashionable

     Being a Homemaker is drudgery        Women are not equal to men         

Children are Oppressive - Limit how many you хаве
Chocolate on my Cranium listed the myths above as part of her Wordfull Wednesday.  I sometimes struggle with society's messages about how I should act or look and that I'm really not that valuable because I'm a woman without a paycheck.  For the most part I'm able to shake those messages.  But the one that really gets in my head is trying to do it all.  My goal isn't to be a superhero or do it all, but I want to be so much. I talked about being a wanna be as I looked toward the new year.  I know it's a weakness and I have to look at all I want to do, than look again to figure out what I really want to be when I'm choosing how to focus my efforts.

One of my former Relief Society presidents shared a story in one of her lessons about her family going to a buffet restaurant when she was a child.  She knew at the end of the buffet line there was the best macaroni and cheese ever.  As she proceeded down the line she saw many interesting foods and decided to try a spoonful of this and a spoonful of that.  By the time she reached the best macaroni and cheese ever, she barely had enough room on her plate for a spoonful of the cheesy deliciousness.

She told herself it was alright, she could always go back for seconds.  However, by the time she finished tasting all the new foods, there wasn't enough room in her little tummy for more of her favorite food.  And while she enjoyed trying something new and found other foods she liked, nothing was ever as good as the macaroni and cheese.

When I start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated with challenge of being all that I want to be, I think of that story and it helps me to make better choices about how I spend my time, energy and resources.


Julie said...

I will remember that story forever! It is definitely something I needed to hear. Thank you. :-)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

It's hard not to lose our focus sometimes, isn't it? That's a great story to bring the point across.

Kodelle said...

I know this feeling. Sometimes there are so so many good things that I forget that what I really want are the best things.

kjha said...

It's true...that reminds me of a talk by Julie Beck about what a good woman knows...thanks for the story!

{leah} said...

Thank you for your post. There are lots of good things but I need to keep my eye on the prize and that is to be the best I can, and to keep that close!


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