Monday, January 31, 2011

Direction Planning

I'm still working on my word of the year - direction.  I narrowed my wanna be list down to 11 things.  Some things are just for me, like reading and writing.  Other things are talents or goals I want to work on with one or more of my family members, like photography or piano.  And a couple are things indirectly benefit my family like family history and food storage.

With a more manageable list, I need to incorporate my goals into my life.  A list sitting on my desk doesn't mean anything until I put a plan in action.  Some things need attention daily, others several times a week, and still others weekly or monthly.  I keep my goals in mind as I plan out my week, ensuring they find a place on my schedule.  The goals I work on monthly are the most challenging for me to work in because it's easy to repeatedly bump them to the next week, until the month is gone. Now that I'm aware of my procrastinating ways, I should be able to do better next month. 

I was discussing a plan to achieve my goals with my children and explained the word of the year concept.  Being the comedians that they are, they decided to come up with their own words of the year - ice cream, rolls and cookies were suggested.  After I reiterated the word is supposed to be a verb, they tried again - eat, read and sleep were some ideas.  I would love to be young and carefree again; to feel comfortable with myself and adulthood is very far away!

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