Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Numbered

I love January, the beginning at least.  I love looking back at last year, my goals and my progress.  I didn't meet all my goals, but I made progress - and that was the ultimate goal.

1/2 - Of the Old Testament read.  That is a very long book of scripture.  I'm hoping to finish it this year; I'm even studying it with the kiddos.
1 - Young Women value accomplished in the Personal Progress program.
2 - Classes finished.  Now I just need to put in my application and I should have a degree in my hands come May!
8 - Months of practicing the piano. It's amazing how quickly I forgot almost everything I learned! Yesterday, I pulled out the lesson books and started reviewing.
12 - Pounds gained, I'm definitely working on getting that number down this year!
18 - Trips to the temple.  My goal was 20.  I'll try to get to 20 this year.
19 - Nights spent away from home with Girls Camp, Wood Badge and our family vacation.
22 - Memories recorded.  I made a list of stories from my life that need to be written and hoped to record 25 of them.  I'll keep plugging along and shoot for another 25 this year.  The good thing about blogging is my current stories are being recorded as I go.
25 - Books read.  My goal was 30 (the same number I read the previous year), I'll shoot for 30 again this year.  
36 - Names checked for accuracy and completeness from my PAF (Personal Ancestral File) to Family Search.  My goal was only 25!
81 - Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.  
88 - Scrapbook layouts completed.  My goal was to finish scrapbooking 2009 by the end of November.  I was close, I finished mid-December.
147 - Names added to my PAF.
5584 - Page views in 2010.

As you can see, didn't meet many of my goals.  But I came close; a lot closer than I would have with out goals and a plan.  How did you do on your goals?  What were your highlights of 2010?


Travelin'Oma said...

I was busily writing down this year's goals when I ran across last year's goals. It was such a great list I'm using it again! (That's the advantage of not accomplishing them—recycling.)

I'm totally impressed with all you did in 2010. Keep it up!

Raejean said...

I used last year's list too, just updated to keep it realistic. I did take one item off because I didn't need it on there anymore.


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