Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lessons Learned from a Car Accident

Yesterday I was in my first serious car accident.  It was the scariest few seconds followed by many scary minutes.  My front, left tire went off the pavement as I was exiting the freeway.  I over-corrected and somehow managed to roll the car.  It ended up on the roof.  I remember unbuckling my seat belt and trying to crawl to safety out through the back window that had busted out.  I didn't get very far because my foot was trapped by the steering wheel.  I was hysterical and alone.  My purse landed right behind where the seat was before the crash, but my cell phone ended up at the back of the vehicle.  I called for help the only other way I know how, I prayed - loudly.

Within a minute two men showed up, then another, then a woman.  The first two men worked to free me; one of them climbed in by me, over the shatter glass and worked for what felt like several minutes to free my trapped foot.  Shortly after I was out of the car, an off-duty paramedic showed up and started checking my vital signs, bracing my neck, and taking care of me while the ambulance was on its way.  The woman who stopped brought me water and talked to my mom on my cell phone while I talked to the emergency workers.  

When I look at these pictures, I am amazed that I left the hospital with only bumps and bruises!  I wasn't bleeding and the doctor said I didn't even have a concussion.  Here's what I learned from being in an accident:

  • I am very blessed!  Some call it lucky, but I know it's more than that.
  • Seat belts save lives.  The emergency personnel said I would have likely been thrown from the vehicle if I wasn't wearing mine.
  • I am very blessed!
  • The stuff in my car scatters farther than I would have ever imagined.
  • Police officers do more than give people tickets.  Sometimes they walk all around off ramps gathering up all the stuff that flew out of my car.  One of the officers brought me a sandwich bag with a $20 bill and a bunch of change that came from my car.
  • I am very blessed!
  • I have a lot of family and friends who love me and want to help out.  I was touched by the phone calls and visits.
  • I am very blessed!
  • Even after 24 hours, new bumps and bruises are still popping up.
  • The longer I think about the accident and the more stories I hear about other accidents, the more I'm amazed to walk away with such minor injuries.  All that stuff that flew out of my car and the stuff that stayed inside could have hit me and done some serious damage.
  • I am very blessed!


    Raimi said...

    How scary!I am glad you are okay! I feel the same about seatbelts...they save lives :-). Again, I am glad you are okay!

    Rilla said...

    Oh my goodness I'm so glad you're OK! How terrifying. You are very blessed!

    Rachelle and sometimes Katelyn said...

    Holy Cow Scary!!! I am so glad you didn't get seriously hurt! YOU ARE BLESSED.

    Our Little Family said...

    I just heard about the accident from Shane. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I know exactly how you feel!!! I am thankful to hear that you didn't suffer any major injuries and so glad that you are already back home!! Please take it easy over the next couple of weeks and call me if you need to talk. Love you!!!

    Raejean said...

    Thanks for all the concern. I've been ordered to take it easy, which is hard when I don't feel that bad. Hopefully if I rest, I can be released for good behavior and enjoy all the fun Halloween stuff this weekend!


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