Monday, May 16, 2011

Photography Club

My efforts to keep our family photography club have been a little hit and miss with everyone so busy.  We did spend some time recently learning about how the lens works.  We looked at a couple of examples from Ansel Adams where he replaced the lens with different diameters of pinholes.  Then he used a convex lens with the same subject, an old barn.  We saw examples of how light travels through flat, concave and convex lenses.  

While this is all very interesting, and I believe helpful; how the camera works can be a little dry.  Maybe that is part of why we've been having such a hard time making time for photography club.  I've been going through my old college photography text boo, but I'd like to get more hands on.  Any suggestions?  Maybe the text with photography challenges?


monica. said...

My grandpa has done alot of research and learning about his camera and photography and has told me about an article saying something to the effect of maybe learning too much about the mechanical side of things can lead to over thinking which may not lead to better photographs. We'll have to ask him about the specific article so you can read it.

Raejean said...

Good point. Maybe I should balance the technical stuff with the fun hands on stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of having photo challenges along with studying the camera is a good idea. I do love participating in photo scavenger hunts, have you ever been to Ashley Sisk's blog? She has a weekly photo challenge link up party. Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Go to, it is an interesting site and has a weekly assignment with others to critique your work.

Just keep on trying, Love Dad


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