Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aspirations of my Heart

Part of the discussion in Simple Abundance is being in tune with the aspirations of your heart.  It's interesting that if you ask a child what they most want right now, they will quickly blurt out something, even if it's silly or unrealistic.  A teenager might be less like to share or adjust their answer to the company, but they often know even if they are unwilling to share.  Once we become "grown up", our true aspirations often get lost in the needs in wants of those around us and we have a hard time picking them out.  I wonder if men have that challenge.

As I record the aspirations of my heart, some are basic things like peace and the ability to live in the moment.  Others are surprising and private.  All are eye opening and remind me of my word for the year - direction.  My aspirations help guide me to true happiness and joy; to becoming the person I hope to find at the end of my pursuit in excellence.

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