Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scripture Study for the New Year

We finished reading the Book of Mormon just before Christmas.  My kiddos want to study the Old Testament next.  I read most of the chapters we discussed in Sunday School this year and part way through 2 Chronicles consecutively.  I've learned so much from my study and I want to give that to my children, but it's so long and parts of it are very repetitive.  I can't imagine keeping their attention reading it from beginning to end.

I looked around online for a schedule that would be appropriate for elementary school age to teenagers - I didn't really find anything.  I've been using Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families for the other books of scripture; I love the quotes from modern day prophets.  It looks like this will be a good guide for the Old Testament too.  On the chapters could be too much for children, there's a simple summary that I could read and we could go on to the next chapter.

Have you read the Old Testament as a family?  How did you make it work for your family?

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