Monday, May 30, 2011

School's Out 4Ever Blogfest: The Song that Rocked My World

My kiddos will tell you I must have really been into music in the 80's because I can name that tune with the best of them.  Even with all those songs from that memorable decade, there is one that stands out like no other.  The song - Let's Go Crazy by Prince (before he was known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince and now known as Prince again.)  

I wouldn't say that my friends and I liked that particular song more than a dozen more songs at the time, but that song had a lot of energy.  It was the perfect tempo to make a really good flag routine.  Yes, I was in the high school marching band and I played the flag.  You might call it the color guard.  It was so cool spinning that long handle around fast enough to hear it whizzing threw the air.  And then we learned a how to throw that spinning flag high over our heads, in sync with the rest of the team. 

One long Saturday with nothing better to do, (I had a lot of those), my fellow flag teammate and I decided to make our own flag routine to that upbeat song.  We worked and practiced all day, and it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  After several hours, we decided that we needed a big finale to match Prince's guitar solo at the end. Of course one of our new throws would be the perfect thing.  Even though it was a fairly new skill, I could usually make the throw.  The worse thing that happened if I missed was my pole clattered on the ground and I was pretty used to that sound.  

This time my miss left more of an impression - on my forehead.  Somehow I missed and the pole slammed me in the head, ringing my bell and leaving me seeing stars.  Practice was over for the day and that was one routine I never tried again.

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Sommer Leigh said...

Oh Prince. :-)

I can totally picture the ending of your flag routine. I think I may have had a couple similar moments in my high school portfolio of "bad ideas."

Great story, thank you for sharing!

RJR said...

As much as I like Lets go crazy I think Doves Cry or Purple Rain are better tracks, but I suppose neither of those are of flag waving tempo.

Hektor Karl said...

Ouch! Though at least you got a good story out of it. :)

Jen said...

Ow! I have a sympathy headache just thinking about this!

Raejean said...

It's nice to have some fellow Prince appreciators in the crowd. This challenge was a great trigger to record this memory for all my posterity!


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