Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites: March 25

Welcome to the last Friday of March!  We're gearing up for a busy April.  We have a couple of birthday parties, General Conference, Easter and the rest of life.  What do you have planned?

Here's a few things that I'm loving today:
  • Inkheart - We watched the movie with the kids last night.  I'd seen it before, but somehow didn't remember the title or that I now want to read the books.
  • Beautifully decorated Easter cookies - Somewhat Simple shared great directions with pictures so you could make them yourself.  I've been wanting to try the tricks mentioned earlier this week, but time got the best of me and I passed the job off to my kiddos.  The cookies came from a mix and frosted with store bought frosting; and they were yummy.  I'll try to develop my cookie decorating skills another time.
  • Cute cards - I've been meaning to spend an hour or so making cards and Pebbles and just the inspiration I'm looking for.
  • Cute boxes - While we're being crafty, I'd love to try Little Birdie Secrets ideas.  And it would make me use my Silhouette that I got for Christmas.
  • More about Multiple Intelligences - Last week I shared Chocolate on my Cranium's post on multiple intelligences. A few days later Amelia Maness-Gilliland talked about introverts and extroverts on Arizona Mama that tied right into the multiple intelligence post.  So I've been thinking quite a bit about how I and my children learn.  Today, Chocolate on my Cranium talks specifically about linguistic learners - which just happens to by my strongest area.
  • A Twist on Garlic Bread - Next time you serve spaghetti or some other wonderful Italian dish, why not try Parmesan Garlic Pull Apart Bread from Dinner Time Ideas?
  • Garden Experiment - My neighbor brought over a container and some lettuce seeds for us to try another "experiment", to see if I can grown anything edible.  The younger kids were out there helping prepare the container and plant the seeds.  We had tried a small compost bucket last fall and it worked great!  It turned our light brown soil to a deep, rich almost black that we mixed into the soil.  We also planted some carrot seeds we had on hand.  While we were in the backyard, our neighbor handed us some more containers over the wall and potato bulbs and green bean seeds.  Wish us luck in not killing all of these plants!

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