Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites: March 18

My last minute St. Patrick's Day activities were a success!  I spent about an hour playing with my kids and it made the whole day feel festive.  I even found some Hershey's Kisses in green wrappers and golden Twix bars tucked away in the freezer from Christmas to add to their snacks.

I've simplified "Favorite Feed Friday's" to "Friday Favorites"; easier to say and lets me include more of my faves!
  • For example, I am loving These Is My Words!  I checked it out from the library - and renewed it, but I didn't start reading it because I was finishing Eragon.  A friend told me how much she liked it so I rechecked it out and started it a couple of days ago.  I'm having a hard time putting it down.  There's a part of me that would rather be reading that than hang out on the computer!  Shocking, I know.
  • Traveling Oma confesses a less than stellar moment from 7th grade.  My dad gave me a watch one summer; I was probable 10 or 11.  Since I only saw my dad in the summers and we picked it out together, it was very special with its digital fanciness.  It even had a light!  One day I was bored and curious, truly a bad combination.  I took apart my watch to see how it worked.  After through research, I wasn't any closer to understanding how it worked.  I put the cover over the battery,  and to my dismay there was no time and no cool light.  I was so ashamed I hid in a drawer for a couple of years until I finally threw it away.  Every time I talked to my dad, I was worried he would ask me about our special watch.
  • Chocolate on my Cranium shares an interesting lesson in multiple intelligences and a link to find out yours or your kiddos.
  • Pumpkin Patterns shares a how to for a sweet pouch.  We've been thinking of doing something like this with M&M bags; this will help our idea work better.
  • I love the wreath idea from Family Chic.  I think it would be perfect for more than just Easter.
  • I don't have babies or crochet, but these hats from Little Birdie Secrets make me wish I did!  She even shares the patterns.


Raimi said...

These Is My WOrds is one of my favorite books ever. Nervous to read the others that follow becasue I have heard/read mixed reviews.

Travelin'Oma said...

You probably remember the watch better because of your mishap! I loved These is My Words, too.


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