Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

My Cubmaster and I wanted a few specific things to happen at our Pack's Blue and Gold Banquet.  We wanted it to be a little fancy; 8 - 11 year old boys can't handle too fancy, but fancier than your average pizza party.  We also wanted it simple and only slightly longer than a regular pack meeting.  And we wanted to celebrate the boys accomplishments and show our appreciation for our den leaders.

I was happy with the results.  The decorations were simple, white table cloths with smaller blue and yellow toppers. We had three cut out paper Cub Scouts on each table.  We incorporated this month's theme "resourcefulness"  into our decorations by using what we had on hand and discussed ways the boys could be resourceful in our opening and in the Cubmaster's minute.  

After our opening, we served a spaghetti dinner.  I was worried about cooking the noodles ahead of time and having them stay warm.  We tossed the pasta with olive oil and kept them in the pan with the lid on and they weren't too bad.  The sauce stayed hot in crock pots and that helped warm up the noodles.  Families helped by bringing garlic bread, salads and desserts.  We even did pretty good on guessing how much food to buy.  The only thing we ran out of was forks!  During dinner, we had a slide show running of pictures from our Pack's previous Den and Pack meetings.

As people finished eating, we had our Wolves and Bears each do a skit.  We had a great night for awards; four boys earned their Bobcat, one earned his Wolf, and two earned their Bear.  We also had a few other awards.  Our Primary Presidency awarded all the leaders candy kabobs to thank them for "sticking to it". 

We finished off the night by bringing out the desserts and letting the families have a few minutes to social before we started cleaning up.  From start to the end of clean up was about two hours.

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