Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family History Fun

I've been trying to get one of my children to fill out a pedigree chart as part of the Faith in God program.  With all that writing, it did sound like homework.  All the information is on my computer; it could have been printed.  But I wanted a connection between the generations.  As soon as we started, another kiddo that had already done the activity asked to do it too. 

It was a lot of writing and they went to bed a little late because it took longer than I expected.  But it was so worth it, to me and them.  They learned things about their grandparents, the ones they know, they ones they don't and the ones they barely know.  

They learned about their great-grandparents.  All 16  were born within an eight year span, only one is still living.  And he is the second oldest of the group!  There was some confusion about the name the read on the computer and the people they know in real life.  Some of that confusion was cleared up by sorting out the divorces and remarriages, of course followed by a conversation about why people get divorced.

We enjoyed following a couple of the lines back as far as we could and seeing ancestors born in the 1500's.  Last night we focused on names, dates and places but I often share the stories I know.  I wish I had more stories to share.  It was nice to see why I need to keep writing down the ones I do know.

The best part of the night was their answer to my bedtime question, "What was your favorite thing about today?"  They both answer working on family history!  I know it's important to involve our children in family history, I struggle with how.  Maybe it's not that hard.


Ladybird Ln said...

What a great experience for your child! It sounds like you both enjoyed it!

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Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see you involving your kids like that! I have a family album that I started a long time ago, and haven't touched since. Makes me want to go pull it out. :-) Thanks for linking up this weekend!


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