Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day, 3.14 (March 14).  Not to be confused with Pie Day, the day before Thanksgiving that we make pies for the feast.  We are slightly nerdy at our house, but I don't like math enough to do equations as a celebration.  But if we're talking food, count me in!  

  • We started our Pi day celebration with Quiche for breakfast - it's baked in a pie shell so it totally counts.
  • For lunch some of us had a pot pie, nothing fancy just a little frozen one. 
  • Dinner we'll have a pizza pie.  OK, it's just a normal round pizza but it works.
  • Finally, we will finish off our day of food with a Frozen Lemon Pie, that I am now on my way to put in the freezer.


Tilleea said...

geesh, I need to start celebrating pi day! yummy!

Raejean said...

Any excuse to eat pie!


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