Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Spotlight: Skits

Last week in Cub Scouts we focused our den meeting on skits.  Our gathering activity was charades.  I forget how much kids like that game until we play it.  

After our pledge, prayer and "uniform inspection", we focused on choosing a skit.  We had four or five for them to choose from.  They chose one with enough parts for everyone to have lines.  That was a big downside of our last skit - only three boys had a speaking part.  After we practiced it once, the boys really got into the spirit of the skit, we discussed simple costumes to make and a few props.  There's a silly move at the end.  One of the boys wasn't too keen on that part, but he was ready to be silly with the rest of the boys by the end of the meeting - not that we pushed him, he just got into it.  

Then the boys devoured a plate of ants on a log.  It's always good to see kids get so excited about celery!

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Travelin'Oma said...

Ants on a log. Love it. Thanks for your comment. I'm so impressed when a blogger starts out with a plan.


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