Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We did make ornaments on Sunday. I'm not thrilled with how they turned out. I had heard they will last for years, and we'll keep the ones that didn't break. Some of them have too much cinnamon and cover the star in the middle. While we were making them, we talked about how the star in the apple reminds us of the new star on Christmas Eve and the light of Christ.

It was a cool idea, but to get the apple dry enough to not rot, the peels are pretty brown. I'm hoping to have time to come up with something else to commemorate Christmas 2009. I've seen some cool paper ornaments, but I don't think those will hold up too well from year to year. Any ideas?


Bree said...

Sculpey! It's clay that you shape into whatever you want....even use cookie cutters. Then you bake it and then paint it. That's what we did last year. We used a glitter pen to write names and dates.

Happy Hermit said...

Did you drench them orange juice first ? I dry apples often , Never thought to make em ornaments. Also you may need to cut them thicker. The thinner they are the more brittle. The orange juice keeps em from browning pretty good.

Natalie said...

Or lemon juice? I made some similar ornaments with sliced oranges years ago and even sprayed some with clear glaze, but they still turned brown. :(

Raejean said...

Bree - I like the sculpey idea and I might even have all the supplies on hand.

Happy Hermit - Thanks for the comment! I've dehydrated apples to eat before and didn't even think of the ornaments being the same process.

Natalie - I think I'll stick to eating my dehydrated apples.

I also remembered another idea I had using an old puzzle. Whatever we do, it'll happen on Saturday and I'll post some pictures.


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