Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Racket Is... Just a New Racket

The Easter Bunny brought me a new tennis racket back in April.  I finally had a chance to try it out over the weekend.  We had one decent racket before that, but the others are small and slightly warped.  So I figured having my own new, Wal-Mart special racket would ensure that I always got a big racket - which it did.  But that's about all it did.  My skills didn't really improve,  I was still exhausted within half an hour.  We didn't even bother keeping score.  Our game sounded pretty much the same as it did pre-new-racket; serve the ball. run-run-run, serve the ball again.  So unless you count hitting the ball twice to get it over the net, we really didn't gain any new skills at all.

I always think it's funny that at the beginning, I'm chasing down the ball - but by the end the ball needs to come straight at me if I'm even going to make an effort to hit it.  I'm also always surprised by the random muscles that hurt a couple of days after playing tennis, this time it's my triceps and my inner thigh.  Go figure!

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