Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Spotlight: Music

Last week our merry little den of wolves completed their music belt loop.  We started off with musical charades, where the boys acted out instruments or songs. We let them hum the songs if they wanted to do that instead.  

After our opening exercises, we talked about why music is important to our culture and the influence music can have on us.  Our main activity was listening to different types of music.  We listened to Motown (none of them guessed that one), country, classical and spiritual.  I was surprised that they were most familiar with classical, and that it got them them most revved up - we were listening to Beethoven!


JustJoeP said...

Try some Mozart, Bill Withers ( Ain't No Sunshine), and Madness.

They might enjoy it.

Raejean said...

Thanks for the suggestions!


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