Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring into Action Pack Meeting

This month's Pack meeting fell on the same evening as two other events, so I missed some of Pack meeting and the part I was physically there for, I was slightly distracted from trying to switch gears.  I did get there in time to present two of my boys their Wolf badges!  That was definitely the highlight for me. 

There was a couple of games that I missed, but a few of us made homemade Chia pets.  We took a knee high nylon, put in some grass seeds and a cup or so of potting soil.  Then we got the seeds and soil down to the toe and tied a knot to keep it there.  Next we hot glued googly eyes and pom pom to make a face (or something like a face).  We came home and soaked it in water.  I was surprised at how quickly they started growing grass, it was less than a week.  I haven't seen any sprouts from the seeds we planted with the scouts or on our own. 


Natalie said...

That's funny! I just posted a picture of our chia pets too because I think they're just too cute!

Raejean said...

They are cute and they make me feel like maybe our family can grow something - even if it's only a chia pet!

Bugg's mama said...

So that's how a Chia pet is made. Cool!

You are such a cool mom, Rage!

Love, bree


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