Thursday, May 27, 2010

Retail Therapy

Do you ever find yourself in a funk that you can't seem to shake?  I think it happens to most of us.  The real trick is getting back to our normal selves!  I know I'm most likely to get the blues when I'm overwhelmed with too much to do.  What I need most is the thing that is hardest to do - some retail therapy. Nothing seems to turn me around like some girl time cruising the mall.  I know it's more the girl time, time without any pressing responsibilities, that does the trick than the actual shopping.  The mall just provides all those "shiny" things that are great for distracting me from life's challenges, I'm sure the walking around helps too.  So does the food - there's got to be a little food somewhere along the way!  

My favorite therapy companion is my mom, even when I was in high school I liked shopping with her best (except when she would tell random boys at the mall I thought they were cute).  It was a lot easier then to find a day to spend at the mall, and we would spend the whole day shopping.  Now we try to get a big chunk of the day, but the end usually comes too soon.  On the rare occasion we do get a whole day, I've noticed our stamina has dropped off.  Not enough training, I say!

While finding a screaming deal or two is a nice bonus, the day isn't really about buying.  We've had several "successful" shopping trips where the only thing we bought was lunch or a cookie.

Who is your favorite therapy partner?  Where do you like to escape to when you need a little retail therapy?

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