Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the Spotlight: Art

We kicked off May's Cub Scout theme "In the Spotlight" last week.  We focused on music and drawing.  The boys learned 3 songs about mothers for the first part of the music belt loop.  It also met the requirements for Elective 11d.

For the business portion of our meeting, we discussed ways to save energy (Requirement 7f).  I thought a great Mother's Day gift was boys who save energy!  We also passed out chore charts for Requirement 4e.

Our activity was letting the boys draw a picture on two paper plates, filling them with beans, and making a maraca to give as Mother's Day gift. Not only was this a unique gifts (even if it was loud), it also completed Elective 12a!  I meant to take a picture of my sample, but I already gave it to my mom for Mother's Day :)

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