Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

Between Cub Scouts and planning Young Women Camp, I've had my fair share of meetings the last few months.  Even though some weeks there are only a couple of meeting free nights, for the most part the meetings aren't a horrible four letter word.  Some meetings I run, some I just show up, and others are somewhere in between.  Here's my Ten on Tuesday list of ways to have enjoyable meetings, It's a Crafty Life style.
  1. Serve refreshments - I know many of us are trying to watch our weight, but a plate of homemade cookies show how much I appreciate everyone's attendance and support.
  2. Be friendly - A little chit chat helps people feel comfortable and builds a personal connection.
  3. Stay focused - While a little chit chat is good, no one wants to spend an extra hour at a meeting listening to me go on about my favorite hobby (unless your meeting is about your favorite hobby).
  4. Be enthusiastic - To me this goes along with being friendly.
  5. See the purpose - I'm giving up time with my family for something important.
  6. Delegate - Not only does this lighten my load, it helps others enjoy the meeting more because they are involved.
  7. Be compassionate - I avoid asking any one to do any thing I'm not willing to do.  I also try to be aware of the situation and not add more than they can manage.
  8. Listen - Listening is tied into so many other steps.  I can't build a connection or understand your situation if I don't listen.
  9. Be teachable - Usually the purpose of a meeting is to work together, not just to receive assignments.  I'm more willing to work when I feel my opinions and experience are appreciated.
  10. Say thank you - Everyone wants to be appreciated.  I try to show my appreciation repeatedly.
Now I'm not saying I'm into going to a meeting just for the fun of going to a meeting, but I might as well make the best of it.  What makes a meeting good for you?

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