Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

One of my simple pleasures is celebrating with my kiddos.  Whether it's like today, or even celebrating 30 minutes to play Just Dance 2.

We kicked off our Cinco de Mayo celebration a couple of days early by making these cool tissue paper flowers.  They were a little more challenging than the directions made it look, mostly separating the layers without ripping the paper.  I wish I would have seen this tutorial first.  Our second attempt was a little easier, but we still had to be gentle fluffing them.

While you are in the Cinco de Mayo mood, check out my post on the subject on Arizona Mama.


JRoberts said...

My SIL is from Mexico and so as a result get some amazing Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo.

We too love to celebrate different cultures and holidays. What a wonderful simple pleasure.

kelly said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
I think we'll make tacos tonight.:)
May as well go all out right? :)
Love those flowers!

Jamie said...

Cute idea!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Anytime one has an excuse to eat Mexican food is a day to celebrate!


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