Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Home Evening: Faith

One of my children started his Family Home Evening lesson with the question, "What is Faith?"

His sisters piped up with,"Faith is a seed, if planted it will grow." And,"Faith is a feeling within my heart, when I do right I know."

The girls knew that quoting a Primary song wasn't exactly the answer my son was going for, but it was a fun way to start a discussion on what faith is, how it helps us, and why we need it.  I love that my children have fun learning together.   

We played Don't Eat Pete. I just love games that involve eating M&M's!

Our treat was my favorite homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting.  My favorite part of this cake was that one of my girls made it for me.

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Anonymous said...

So, I was searching last minute for an FHE Lesson for Maci and Zoie on Faith, just clicking around and then I saw the link I was looking for, clicked and your bright, happy face came up. hahaha! It was so cool. I wasn't looking at the "Easy As Pie", just noticed the kids and faith part. Thanks, Aunt Raejean, for the idea for tonight's FHE and the cute story about our cousins. We miss all of you! PS. Don't Eat Pete with M&M's is one of our favorite games to play.


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