Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May's Project List

In February, I found a great 28 Day Challenge.  The idea was to complete a project a day.  I couldn't keep up, so I modified it.  I have a monthly project list.  There are two columns; one for short projects that take less than an hour, and one for longer projects - some that will take months. There are a few recurring projects that vary on when they need to be done.  Maybe those are my cheats, because they are going to get done regardless.  Nonetheless my project list helps me manage my projects that I'm currently working on, and not forget about those I'd like to work on. Today, I thought I'd share my progress Ten on Tuesday style.
  1. Blog Schedule - this starts as an outline that I fill in with more specific ideas throughout the month.  I'd like to have a post or two done a head of time, but that's only happened a few times.
  2. Craft supply order - it takes an hour just to look at the cool clearance stuff!
  3. Cub Scout advancement report
  4. Cub Scout newsletter
  5. CPR Class for one of my kiddos - I delegated this one to my hubby
  6. Cub Scout Committee meeting - I'm starting to notice a trend here
  7. Trip to the Scout Shop - I delegated that one to my hubby too.  Those still count right?
  8. Read MEE Speaks
  9. Teddy Bear Sweet Shop party
  10. Nerf Top Shot party
I'll have more about the parties soon.  What projects have you finished this month?

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