Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Home Evening: Mother's Day

We're modifying Family Home Evening this week and celebrating time with our family.  Wait, didn't we just do that recently?  That's right Easter was only two weeks ago.  The big difference is this week, my hubby and kiddos are doing the cooking and cleaning!

To make sure today isn't all about being lazy and getting pampered, I'd like to share my appreciation to my mom.  She taught me to be independent, thrifty and hard working - although I'm sure she wondered if she was doing a very good job with the hard working lessons when I repeatedly forgot to do my chores.  I really hated bringing in firewood.

Most of all, my mom played games with me.  She took me with her when she hung out with her friends and I enjoyed being with her as much as with friends my own age.  She was and still is my favorite person to hang with at the mall.

In addition to my mom, I'm grateful for my step-mom and my mother in law.  They both taught me with a different perspective and helped shape me into a better person.  They have both fed me, served me and loved me.  

I'd love all of you to share something awesome about your mom.  If you don't do here, record it somewhere!

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