Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites: May 20

This week's favorites reflect my recent cleaning urge.  Now before you start thinking I'm all cool, or that I'm late with the spring cleaning, or that I'm pregnant and nesting - cleaning is just my most recent distraction from doing all those other things I should be doing.  That's right, this week cleaning is my escape.  I have the saddest escapes!  It reminds me of when the twins were a couple of months old I was so excited to go to the dentist to get a break.  
  • A working computer monitor - my monitor died yesterday morning.  It is challenging to utilize the rest of the computer with one.  Go figure!
  • A clean desk - My desk is huge, and heavy.  I had to take almost every thing off it and take the drawers out just to be able to pull it away from the wall to change out the monitor. While I was at it, I dusted, disinfected and a little organizing.  It looks really good except for the piles of stuff that was on my desk that are still on the floor.
  • A clean closet shelf - before the monitor fun, I cleaned, purged and organized.  I got rid of some clothes that aren't working for me anymore.
  • New sheets! No explanation needed.
  • Think Fast has me dreaming of some creative time as an escape from all the other things I'm supposed to be doing with these cute flags and card.
  • With summer right around the corner, I'm thinking about trying my hand at 24/7 MOMS snow cone syrup.  Now I just need a snow cone machine!
  • Your Homebased Mom has a super yummy recipe for roasted chicken.
What's on your list of favorite this fine Friday?

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Auto Title Loans said...

My entire computer died the other day! I feel your pain on needing a new one. And I need to clean and organize my entire house. I suppose I just haven't been on it since Spring apparently doesn't want to show up as a season. If only we had magic wands. :)



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