Thursday, February 10, 2011

28 Day Challenge

Whenever I try to lighten my schedule something interesting happens, my brain goes into overdrive with ideas for some really good projects.  Maybe this is interesting along the lines of how whenever you mop, someone is compelled to spill something sticky within the next 18 minutes.  Except some of these ideas are really great, so I made a note of these great projects for when the time is right.  This works better than just adding them to my to-do list because I don't feel like they are hanging over me every day and I can add any details that come to mind.

24/7 Moms had a 28 Day Challenge that tied in nicely with my list of projects.  I like having to categories; small projects that take less than an hour, and big projects that take more than an hour.  The big projects range from shopping trips to projects that will take months to complete.  While I usually complete one project each day, there was some internal pressure to complete a project a day - or else.  Or else what I'm not sure, but knowing me I would beat myself up over another self-imposed, but possibly unnecessary, goal.

To relieve that pressure, I'm tweaking the challenge.  First, I changed the name of my list to "Project List".  I know it's an original name.  I add projects as I think of them, sort of an idea storage vault.  I look over the list every few days and highlight the ones I complete.  Instead of challenging myself to complete a certain number of projects a month, I can celebrate what I do get done.  I can also look to my list when I'm looking for a little direction in my day.  See I did choose the right word for 2011!

How do you organize your projects?

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Laura@livingabigstory said...

I've created a 40 in 40 list -- 40 hard (for-me) things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 40 next year (eek!). Of course, I had to start the list with an item I finished ;)


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