Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cleaning the Kitchen for Company

In our house we use a chore wheel and the kiddos are in charge of a different chore each week.  Last week the kiddo in charge of the kitchen still had homework and I had a meeting that evening.  Since we were going to be sitting around the kitchen table, I started rinsing the dishes and loading the dishwasher.  Next I washed the table, and the counters.  The stove top was pretty grimy, so I soaked the burner grills while I washed out under them.  While I was there I noticed the hood had a quarter of an inch of dust stuck to it.  As I was finishing up the rest of the counters, I noticed the fingerprints and smudges on the cabinet doors and I had to stop myself because I had a few other things to get ready for my meeting.

I thought about how amazing it is that some of the kiddos can clean kitchen in half the time, or some can take even longer, both getting half the work done that I did.  In their defense, it is hard to reach the top of the hood.  Part of the difference is my definition of a clean kitchen isn't the same as theirs.  The other part is there was company coming!  I have a habit of looking at my house with a very critical eye when guests are arriving.  I could find enough jobs to keep me scrubbing from sun up to sundown.  I've even been known to paint a wall to prepare for a bridal shower.  On the up side, it's a great way to make sure my house doesn't get out of control.

What makes you feel a little OCD?

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