Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Feeds Friday: February 4

Welcome to February!  It's been down right cold, even here in Arizona.  I don't mean the "It's under 65 degrees" cold.  It was 22 degrees outside when I dropped my kiddos off at school.  At least we've done a little celebrating this week, first with Groundhog's Day cupcakes on Wednesday, and yesterday we had fortune cookies for Chinese New Year.  I also had some silly Chinese-style wishes on the table we made last year.  The one at my spot said "May your scarf be warm and your apple always be polished".  It sounds good to me; did I mention it's been cold here?  I'm enjoying anything warm at this point.  Enough about my week; here's today installment of Favorite Feeds Friday!
  • I love Travelin' Oma's ghost hunting tips for expanding an ancestor beyond a name, date and place.
  • Check out these cute flowers at Small Fry & Co.
  • Your Homebased Mom shares a recipe for yummy Olive Garden style bread sticks.
  • The buns take a long time to make, so I can see why Chef Tess doesn't make these very often, but they sound delicious with her Taco Burgers.
  • Cookies are always a fun indoor activity, and they help warm up the house!  Try these Cabin Fever Cookies from Megan's Munchies.
  • You could also try Make It Do's vegetable dip.
  • I dream of throwing a fancy party.  Celebrations at Home shares a how-to for making a cool back drop for the food.
Share what caught your attention this cold February morning!

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