Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

I've always loved Groundhog Day, but not for the same reason most people do.  My grandma shared her birthday with this fun holiday.  So besides thinking of the cute little guys poking his head out and looking for a shadow, today I remember the time spent with my sweet grandma.  

She was the descendant of Sicilian immigrants, born and raised in Brooklyn.  If the rumors are true, she faced challenges in her childhood I can't even imagine.  The lasting effect continued to haunt her during her mothering years, affecting her husband and children.  But that was before my time.

I'm grateful I knew her in her grandma years.  I have fond memories of spending a week at a time with her and Grandpa.  We would eat cream of wheat for breakfast; Grandpa's was dark brown from adding so much brown sugar.  I'd help feed their arthritic dog, Cindy.  She seemed even older than my grandparents.

Occasionally I spend a little time in the garden with Grandpa, but mostly I was Grandma's girl.  She rarely got tired of me being attached at the hip.  She would show me her treasures around the house.  Her long dresser wasn't cluttered, but it captivated me; a brush, comb and mirror set; figurines representing her daughters, and a fascinating birdcage music box.  There was also a picture of my aunt who passed away before I was born; she would tell me how much I looked like her.  I definitely feel an unusually strong connection with her considering I never met her.  

We cleaned together and cooked, but mostly we sat on the couch together, me scooted as close as possible.  We would sing hymns together, or she would tell me stories.  I remember her softness and her undivided attention, and I miss her very much.  I miss her homemade spaghetti sauce and watching bowling on TV with her and Grandpa.  They had a long hall where I would set up the bowling pin bank and roll the little plastic bowling ball and compete with the guys on TV.  It's much easier to get a strike when you only have one pin to knock down.

I wish my children could meet her and understand why I love her so much.  Instead this Groundhog day, I'll share her memory.  And tomorrow we'll celebrate the Chinese New Year. I hope I can build fond memories with my children as my grandma did with me.


Raimi said...

She sounds like the perfect Grandpa! Hang on to those memories!

Raimi said...

Sorry. I meant Grandma
:-)...Grandpa sounds great too!

Raejean said...

My Grandpa was pretty cool too!


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