Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Feeds Friday: February 18

Welcome to today's edition of Favorite Feeds Friday!  
  • Travelin' Oma shares an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction moment.  I have a one of those too, but I'll share a clumsy moment.  During my senior year in high school, a friend and I were meeting a college friend at Dillard's in Beverly Hills.  Trying to look grown up, I wore a dress and heels - to go shopping.  I attempted to walk down the steps and somehow fell flat like a plank of wood. Fortunately I put my hands out before my face hit the ground and my knees down to break my fall.  Because of that youth factor, I popped back up and kept walking.  My friend's hysterical laughter made it a little harder to act nonchalant. I was wearing some amazing tights; while my knees were skinned and bleeding, the tights were unscathed!
  • In addition to sharing an embarrassing moment with Travelin' Oma, the One-Minute Writer has a fun prompt for her Friday Fiction.
  • If writing is not your thing, maybe you are more into a good party.  We are approaching the heart of our birthday season and I can picture one of my kiddos choosing Simply Creative Insanity's Bring on Summer Ice Cream Social. 
  • Since everyone eats, check out Dinner Time Ideas' Stromboli recipe.
What finds have you found today?


Travelin'Oma said...

Don't you wish you could invite someone inside to see all the old videos playing in your mind? I can just see you popping back up as if nothing had happened!

Raejean said...

I still don't know how my knee was scraped, it seemed like I stayed stiff as a board going down and coming back up!

Eric said...
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Janis said...

Okay, lets try this again, making sure I am logged in instead of my husband. Sorry!
Thank you so much for including our link in your Favorite Feeds Friday. My friend Kathy and I do this blog together and this is her recipe. It is now something I really want to try, as I have never made one before. :)
Have a grat day!


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