Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Home Evening: Stipling Warriors

The Stripling Warriors is one of my favorite scripture stories, mostly because of the kudos given to moms for teaching their children.  This lesson had a sting to it, since the kiddo teaching the lesson pointed out that they thought the Stripling Warriors moms were better moms than I am.  Another case of the truth hurts, I laughed it off by agreeing because my children often aren't as obedient as the Stripling Warriors.  We discussed how they followed their mother's words with exactness and that is why they were blessed.  We also noted that be blessed doesn't mean we won't face trails.  All of the Stripling Warriors were blessed because of their great faith, but they were all injured.

For our activity we made Valentines for our neighbors, and we enjoyed Red Cake for a treat.

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