Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I try not to vent on my blog very often because of that whole focusing on the good thing.  But I hit my breaking point with the great snack debate that goes on in my home morning and afternoon.  Even though I try to keep a variety of snacks on hand, it seems like all the kids all choose to like the same snack at the same time.  This means that said snack is usually devoured within 24 hours, all the kids blaming each other for eating more than their share or trying to impose laws to make it last 36 hours instead.  I do have a child that is more inclined than the rest to get an extra portion; which makes the whole fairness situation more delicate because everyone is forever on that kiddos case, even when it isn't deserved.

I'm thinking the solution is to stop buying the "favorite" snacks and they can settle.  I guess if I was a good mom, the snacks would be limited to fruits and vegetables.  I even considered eliminating snacks, but I worry about them getting enough to eat. 

If you don't have this problem, can I come hang out at your house during lunch making time?


Our Little Family said...

We have the same problem!! I thnk we both should just go hang out on a beach somewhere and let them make their own snacks and lunches!!

Raejean said...

Sounds good to me!


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