Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sad Day at the Park

We found this great park by the library several years ago.  The best thing about the park, besides being by the library, was the old school merry go round.  The kind I used to play on when I was a kid, back before the powers that be decided they were too dangerous - even though I never knew anyone who was seriously hurt on one. My kids had even more fun because there are more people to push it and make it go really fast. 

When we went to the library, the weather was so nice we figured we'd play at the park for a little bit.  We found a big sandy area where the merry go round used to be.  I guess the powers that be caught up to my kiddos.  For some reason it would be bad to have today's kids run around a little more than usual.


Vickie said...

Oh, sadness. The family student housing complex I lived in while in college had a lot of play areas, but began to remove all the swings. The neighborhood we live in now doesn't have any. I guess swings are next on the list!

Our Little Family said...

The power to be just sucks!! I am so tired of all those who think kids shouldn't be running around and playing and just being kids. No wonder we have so many young adults who are pansies and can't do anything on their own!! Why don't you buy an old merry go round and put it in your backyard? I would if I had the room!!!

Raejean said...

I hope the swings don't disappear next!

I think it's funny that the powers that be probably played on cool stuff and lived to tell the tale, but worry about liability more than common sense. Next year, they'll be discussing why childhood obesity rates are up!


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