Friday, April 30, 2010

Things that Make Me Happy

My friend Raimi at If You're Happy & You Know It, had a great post about things that make her happy. What a great way to start the weekend then by focusing on a few things that make me happy!

1. I'm almost done with my literature class, especially the Othello part.  I love taking classes, but by the end of the semester life always seems so busy that I just want to be done!

2.Science experiments.  This is how we grow salt crystals.

3. I have some great things planned for Cub Scouts in May.  The theme is "In the Spotlight".
4.Princess and the Frog.  I recently watched it with my children.  It was my first time, but a couple of the kiddos had seen it before.

5.Building my food storage.

6.Building a dinosaur with one of my kiddos.  Really, it'll be a cool robot dinosaur thing when we're done.
7.Reading scriptures and having my children ask thoughtful questions.

8.A clean shower.

 9. Another try at growing seeds - I'll figure out this gardening thing someday!

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