Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Take Flight: Balloons

There was so much going on last week, I didn't get a chance to post the final Take Flight Cub Scout meeting.  We focused on balloons. We started off outside with a silly game of balloon tag. All but one of the boys stood in a circle facing each other passing a balloon around the circle, while the boy outside the circle tried to tag the boy holding the balloon. When he succeeded, the boys traded places. The winner was undoubtedly the wind!

Next we spent quite a bit of time learning how to do an outdoor flag ceremony.  Not exactly balloon related, but totally Scout related!  We finished off our meeting with a Nose Balloon Relay.  We did this game inside.  The boys were in two teams.  Each team had a balloon to push with their noses only to the line at the other end of the room then back to the next person on their team.  They only needed a few reminders that Cub Scouts play fair and use only their noses!

Now it might seem like Cub Scouts is all party and games, but there are life lessons being learned in a fun way.  The boys learn sportsmanship and teamwork.  They learn respect and patriotism.  They learn they can have fun without a screen (as in TV, computers, or video games) and exercise is fun.  Most importantly, they learn that they can be a part of something bigger than themselves, serve others and make the world a better place.

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