Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring into Action: Plant a seed

We started off this week's den meeting with Kim's game, which is a memory game Kipling wrote about.  We started off with about 10-12 items.  After the boys studied them for a minute, they closed their eyes and I took away one item.  When they opened their eyes, they had to guess which item was missing.  They were too smart for a mere 12 items.  When we played again at the end of the meeting,but we added more items.  They found 20 items slightly more challenging, but could probably handle a few more.
In keeping with our Spring into Action theme, we planted seeds.  They wrote down what they planted under Elective 15c.  Actually all of Elective 15 is about growing plants, so the boys whose families grow gardens are set to help. 

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