Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Enlightenment: The Jewish Sabbath

The Easter Bunny visits us on Easter Saturday so we can keep Sunday spiritual.  I love that tradition we inherited from my in-laws!  After the egg hunt, we read another great story that teaches about the universality of the Atonement, Seminary Donuts.  I've decided to make reading that story an Easter Saturday tradition, along with having donuts for breakfast! 

This Easter is extra special in that it's also General Conference.  We double up our Easter traditions with our Conference traditions, which help the kiddos (and me) pay attention and listen carefully. I am so grateful my children look forward to conference!

Last night we read Luke 23:56, discussed the Jewish Sabbath, and had a Plan of Happiness Hunt.


Vickie said...

I love the seminary donuts story! Not just because donuts are delicious.
What is a Plan of Happiness Hunt?

Raejean said...

The Plan of Happiness Hunt is from the Christ Centered Easter book. Basically a treasure hunt where the treasure where the treasure is compared to Eternal life.


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