Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Enlightenment: The Resurection

Yesterday was the big day; the crescendo of the week's celebration.  We started off with our traditional Christmas and Easter breakfast, then the kiddos egged our neighbor.  She loved it.  She thought the basket of plastic eggs was just for effect until she noticed the slip of paper one of the kiddos put in the basket that said "open these".  She was amazed as she read 30 things we love about her.  She said she needed a bigger hat!  This is a woman who spent Saturday and half of Sunday cooking food for the less fortunate. Not only is she not used to being served, she's not used to being complemented on her awesomeness!

Yesterday's reading was John 20:1-23.  We also read the sweet comments from our Love One Another board (we also read the not-so-sweet comments, but there weren't too many of those).

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