Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Enlightenment: The Last Supper

Yesterday we read Mathew 26:17-75.  That evening, Jesus ate His Last Supper, suffered in Gethsemane, and was betrayed! 

We discussed the tradition of the Passover; where it came from and the preparations Jewish people make for the Passover feast.  Then we talked about preparing for our Easter celebration by cleaning the house of clutter - I know it's a sneaking way to get their help in a little extra deep cleaning! 

Finally we read a story called "The Belayer" from A Christ Centered Easter by Janet and Joe Hales.

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Bugg's mama said...

Cool! We're celebrating with that book, too. Last night we had a bible dinner. Fish, honey, bread, even dates. have you ever tried honey in the actual COMB? Weird.

Happy EAster.


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