Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring into Action: Be Prepared

This month's theme is Spring into Action.  We started everything off, by testing our jumping skills with the standing long jump (which is elective 20i).  After the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer, and uniform inspection; we discussed what Webelos means (We Be Loyal Scouts)  It might be a small thing, but I'm really loving having denners to assign prayers and take role!

Staying with our theme, we sprung into action to be prepared.  We talked about what should be in our family's first aid kit, what emergency supplies to take hiking, what to do if we get lost while hiking, and finally talked about the buddy system.  These are Electives 23b, 23c, 23d and Elective 16c. 

Then it was back outside for more fun! The boys did a couple of 10 second sprints to see how far they could run in 10 seconds.  They are fast!  This is Elective 20h.

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