Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GPS Scavenger Hunt

Some ladies from church last week had a fun, GPS scavenger hunt activity.  We met together and gathered into teams, handed a GPS unit (and instructions on how to use it) and the first clue for our team.  Then we were off whizzing around the neighborhood (in a safe and responsible manner, of coarse).  I learned that my version of "slightly off the outlined trail" is different than other people's!

At some stops, we just had to pick up our next clue.  At others, we had to take something back to the meeting spot, eat a hot dog, or buy something for a dollar that was included with the clue. In case you are ever in the situation - when faced with a box of items and the clue says "grab the goods" and take them back to the original meeting spot; "goods" does not mean the whole box!  They will make you take valuable time to return said box back to its original GPS coordinate.

Our team did pretty good, we got 9 of our 10 clues and were on the way to buy our $1 whatever.  When we met back, there was a sundae bar and prizes.  It was a very fun night, and a much needed break from the monotony of carpools, homework and meetings!


Vickie said...

Your group was the best! We got so confused and turned around. We still had fun, though!

Raejean said...

I thought getting confused and turned around was the fun part!

Aubrey said...

That sounds like so much fun! Thanks for visiting us at TMH today. I hope your kiddos enjoy doing marshmallow sculptures. :-)


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