Thursday, April 28, 2011

eXtremely Blessed

These last few letters of the A to Z Challenge are going to be tough, I'm curious to see what the other participants pull together.  Hopefully I'm not the only cheater using words like extreme.

I want to use today's post to counter how overwhelmed I've been feeling, and focus on my blessings.
  • I'm extremely blessed to have a wonderful family.
  • I'm extremely blessed to have the gospel in my life.
  • I'm extremely blessed to be healthy.
  • I'm extremely blessed to have my temporal needs met.
  • I'm extremely blessed for my education and life experiences.
  • I'm blessed my garden is growing.
These are my basics (except for the garden - that's a new one for me), and the list goes on and on.  Sometimes life is hard, but the hard stuff seems less overwhelming when I focus on the good stuff.  Share what's blessing your life today.

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