Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As I mentioned yesterday, I have a lot on my plate, veering in several directions beyond the normal busyness.  In honor of the A to Z Challenge, I decided "Vroom" was the perfect word of the day.
  • Vroom over to Arizona Mama to read the details of our field trip to Superstition Farm.
  • This week we are having a very cool campfire program for Pack Meeting.
  • I'm still vrooming around trying to get the details for Girls Camp situated.
What has your vroom in motion this week?


Misha said...

Paying accounts... sigh. :-(

RJR said...

No Vrooming this week, Mrs RJR was away at Stake Youth camp last week so we are post-vroom chilling now !


Raejean said...

Misha, I think we should drop our activities and join in the chilling!


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